Mr Adam Howard MBBS BSc MD FRCS Laparoscopic and Vascular Consultant Surgeon
Mr Adam Howard MBBS BSc MD FRCSLaparoscopic and Vascular Consultant Surgeon

Thread/Spider Veins

Spider and thread veins are not harmful, however they can be cosmetically unsightly and in some people they cause aching discomfort. Large and small thread veins are relatively easy and very safe to treat with injection sclerosant treatment called Microsclerotherapy. Specialist creams are ineffective and lasers can damage the skin.


The treatments involve using a very small needle, similar to a diabetic needle, that is used to inject the surface veins. Often it is also necessary to use a butterfly needle to cannulate and inject any feeding veins that lie underneath a large patch of thread veins. After the treatment a bandage is applied for two days and a stocking is provided that needs to be worn for 5 days. Exercise and walking is encouraged for at least two weeks after the treament. The first treatment will remove approximaly 50% of the veins injected, and a second treatment a further 50% and so on. Often a large proportion of the veins can injected on one leg during each 30 minute treatment session. Veins on both legs can be injected during the same session if you do not have too many thread vein patches.


Before undergoing micorsclerotherapy treament you will need to book an initial clinic assessment with Mr Howard, where he will assess your legs and perform a Duplex ultrasound scan to check for underlying feeding veins and varicose veins.


Sorry we do not treat facial thread veins.

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