Mr Adam Howard MBBS BSc MD FRCS Laparoscopic and Vascular Consultant Surgeon
Mr Adam Howard MBBS BSc MD FRCSLaparoscopic and Vascular Consultant Surgeon

Information for specific conditions and treatments

Hernia Surgery - please refrain from heavy lifting for life and ask your workplace to adjust your lifting requirements. You will have absorbable sutures.


Varicose vein surgery - you will have a bandage on the operated leg for one day and then anti-DVT stockings for 4 weeks. Dressings and steristrips for 5 days, showering with clingfilm over the dressing area is safe. Bathing and driving after 5 days is fine.


Cyclist Endofibrosis Surgery - please avoid cycling and running for three months after arterial repair. You will have abdorbale sutures and small keyhole wounds on the abdomen. Daily 30 minute walks are fine.


Laparoscopic aneurysm and endoleak surgery - you will have absorbable sutures and small abdominal wounds. You are safe to carry out daily walks after returning home. Gardening and similar activities can start after 2 weeks if you feel up to it.  After EVAR endoleak surgery you will still need to have your annual surveillance scans for life arranged by your local hospital.  


Bypass and major open surgery - you will have some strong non-dissolvable sutures that will need removal after 2-3 weeks. Activity should be gentle for one month but daily walks are fine.





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